Rivers across the world are being dammed, drained, dredged and degraded - destroying the benefits that healthy rivers provide to people and nature. We urgently need to protect and restore healthy rivers as well as the incredible diversity of species that call them home.

Everyone can make a difference. Even a small donation to our campaigns can help save critically endangered river dolphins in Asia, reintroduce endangered sturgeon or bring life back to a European river by removing a dam.

Take a look at our current crowdfunding campaigns and then chip in. Every bit helps.

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€198.064 raised
Latest donation 21-11-2021 | 18:18
€50 Anonymous This river is mutulated and abused for over 100 years to get cheap wood out of the forest. And since then the river had been neglected and abandoned with a lot of barrières so the fish can't reach their spurringgrounds anymore. COME ON Dam-Busters where are you ????? Together We can reach the goal and restore this river. We owe it to this river who gave us so much in the past. It's high tme to heal this river. To: UKRAINE - Bayurivka - Verkhovynskyi National Park

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