⚒ 🐟 Webinar Europese rivers: dams and fishes and people

04 mai 2020 16:54

Join the webinar 16 May

The 16th of May is World Fish Migration Crowdfunding Day. Would you like to help us recover fish populations? And would you like to hear about our Dam removal campaigns in Europe? You can make a difference now by participating in our next campaign on sturgeons in the Danube. Join our webinar on May 16th from 15.30 until 17.15 CEST.

Join the webinar 16 May

Why participate?

  • You will learn everything about WWF crowdfunding for dam removal
  • Our 5 damremoval project leaders from 3 European countries will update you on their dam that will be removed.
  • We are starting our next project for rivers and fishing together.
  • You are at the forefront of this successful European movement!

 Together we let rivers flow again.