UK - Rothley Weir - Rothley Brook, Leicestershire

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This barrier removal is managed by RIVERS TRUST as part of the Dam Removal Europe coalition on the Big Jump 2021 Simultaneous Crowdfunding Dam Removal action


The Rothley Brook is set within Leicestershire, UK, running through the historic town of Rothley before joining the River Soar. The 33km river has unfortunately been neglected, featuring heavy modification, having chemical status issues and barriers to fish passage. Many migratory species such as Eel and Trout are unable to pass this structure. However, the Trent Rivers Trust want to change this and have been active in gathering funding for restoration along the river. We are now at a stage to deliver restoration measures and as part of this are seeking funding to remove the Rothley Weir. Removing the weir will ecologically reconnect 8km of river whilst reinstating the natural flow and sediment regimes. Restoring these important natural functions is a step towards improving the river for wildlife and people.

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The removal of the weir is part of a wider programme of works to restore the Rothley Brook to a more natural system. Funding this removal will make a big difference to the habitat and connectivity along the river. As part of the works, the weir will be completely removed and placed into the scour pool which has been created. Gravel riffles will be installed to reconnect historic channels around the weir to form islands. The gravel riffles will also increase floodplain connection and provide spawning grounds for fish species.