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A message from Olga Denyshchyk - Freshwater manager WWF Ukraine

25 March 2020 14:56

Our dear Lostunets-dam in Ukraine supporter!

It is incredible that in a such challenging for the whole planet moment you found it possible to support our initiative of dam removal in the Verhovynskyi National Park. It is a true act of humanity that we shall never forget.

Going through the notes left by you, the donors, for first in my life I truly regret that do not know Dutch to read and understand all the messages.

Despite the shortcomings of our current quarantine situation and possible changes in the project’s implementation, because of your kind support we were able to start planning our work high in the mountains of the Ivano-Frankivska oblast. Local construction company representative has finished needed technical inspection and when the needed amount will be collected we’ll sign a contract with the construction company, take machinery high to the mountains, remove the dam and shoot a short video about it.

This year more than 40 endangered bears’ cubs were born in the Ukrainian Carpathians and making headwaters of the Cheremosh River a better place for the Danube salmon ultimately means increasing chances of survival for the new-born furballs that in several years will become the strong and fierce predators.

We are feel proud and grateful that you believe in our work enough to support us financially. Thank you for your trust in us. Dank je!