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Update Brazuole dam

21 January 2020 11:44

I wanted to thank everyone who has supported and donated to Brazuole dam removal. I am thrilled to announce that our campaign has been approaching to an end. With your help the project has advanced, and we have done all preparation works needed to start with the removal.

The removal of Brazuole dam is anticipated to take place in July. Meanwhile, we are expecting to finish scientific monitoring that will allow us to evaluate the changes in biodiversity after removal.

Also, we have salmon nests downstream. The smolts are going to hatch by summer and leave their nesting sites to their journey to the sea. Hopefully, next time when they return back to their birth place, they will appreciate their newly refurbished home-river!

This has been achieved with your input. I am very hopeful soon to present you with results!

Kindest regards,