Help recruit dam removers

There are several ways you can help make the crowdfunding campaign for the dam removal a success. You can donate directly to a dam or help recruit dam removers by creating a campaign page.

Recruit dam removers with your own campaign page
By becoming a project ambassador you show that you support the project and that you personally want to help raise the required amount.
To do that you can create a personal page through this website: a campaign page. On this page you will explain why you think the project is so important and how you will help raise the required amount. You can easily share the page via email or in your online networks. Others can also donate on your personal page.
Do you want to get started with your own fundraising campaign? Then please read 'Start a fundraising campaign for a project' below.

Start a fundraising campaign for a project
Through a campaign page it is also possible to start a fundraising campaign. That means that you are going to organize or do something to raise money for a project. You can start the campaign alone or with a group. 
A campaign can be anything. It can be a charity run where you get sponsored for every round you run. Not that sporty? No problem! You can also bake or craft something that you can then sell for your campaign. If you organize something where people donate/pay in cash you can easily deposit the collected amount on your page afterwards via, for example, iDEAL.

Ready to get started? Look at these 10 tips to make your campaign successful.