Rivers are the veins of our earth

Jos Kuijlen

( Member of team: DRE fietsteam Groningen )

from € 500 (10%)

River dams are made bij humans for their own purpose. Although dams have shown their functionality for society, dams also have devastating effects on wild life by obstructing the flow of rivers. In Europe more than 100 dams are forgotten objects. They have lost their primary function and, although still present, do harm wildlife. Removal of these non-functional dams will restore the natural flow of the river and will lead to profound restoration of nature. We are obliged to nature to remove man made polution to restore the veins of the earth and thereby ensure the future of our planet. 

Water is a primary element for life to develop and to maintain. We humans all adore water. We drink it, use it for cooling down after a severe activity or simply bath in it. We adore the see and the beach, along we can stroll. We adore the riverbanks on which we can lay aside on a sunny weekend. We adore the lakes on which we can surf or sail. Water in general has a massive attraction on us humans. We need to protect them from unnecessary polution as  nonfunctional dams are. 

Our Dam Removal Europe team (DRE) and I have chosen the Brazuole dam to be our project. I hope you will join us in our effort to crowd fund the removal of the Brazuole Dam in Lithuania. By removing this dam, fish, especially salmon, can return from the sea to their original birth place and have the opportunity to reproduce itself. The opportunity to return to your original place of birth is crucial for a lot of species, even humans, on earth. As you can see on the WNF website numerous dams across Europe have already been removed but still more can be removed.

The Dam Removal Europe team asked me to join their cycling team and explained their intention. I immediately was interested in the dam removal project. The reason for me to join the project is that this project can be realized in a short period of time, without enormous costs and will have a huge impact on the restoration of nature. The fact that I have a particular interest for cycling did indeed encourage me more to join them. Cycling and nature are, to my belief, more or less connected to each other. 

If you are intersted in our Dam Removal Project and you want more information explore the WWF site (https://crowdfunding.wnf.nl/team/dre-fietsteam-groningen/donateurs)

If you consider contributing to our project, the DRE cyclin team and I would be gratefull. In advance I want to thank you for your support. 

with regards Jos Kuijlen, member of the DRE cycling team.