Dam Removal in Europe

Our goal is to open up as many rivers in Europe as we can! Thousands of old dams are blocking European rivers and damaging the homes of important animals like sturgeon, salmon, trout, otter, and stork. These dams are out of use but still prevent rivers from flowing. With your help, we can make a difference by removing old and obsolete dams and even release sturgeons! Together with 967 damremovers from 10 countries we  crowdfunded 1 dam in the UK, 12 dams in the Oekraine and 1 in Lithuania. Next step: the release of 15.000 beluga sturgeons in the Danube june 2020. Congratulations damremovers united! We are going over 100% for 15.000 sturgeons- the remainder will go to the next dam removal. We just got Borislava's update:

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“We need your help to begin the dam removal process on a critical spawning stream in the Tyne catchment! Chainley Burn flows from Hadrians Wall to its confluence with the River Tyne at Bardon Mill in Northumberland. The stream contains some of the best spawning and juvenile habitat in the Tyne catchment but is heavily impacted by obstructions that Tyne Rivers Trust hope to remove one by one. The first of these obstructions is a weir that was used to provide water as an energy source for a pottery mill but is now obsolete. Tyne Rivers Trust will work with a local contractor and volunteers to remove the masonry structure and use the waste materials to protect the riverbank from erosion. Removal of this weir will reconnect more than a kilometre of the watercourse for native salmonids and lead to significant habitat improvements.”
Chainley Burn Weir

Recording of Webinar World Fish Migration Crowdfunding Day (the 16th of May 2020)

Pen, 29 Geg 2020 09:00:00 +0200 WWF Live Webinar  World Fish Migration Crowdfunding Day - registration on YouTube Why participate? • You will learn everything about WWF crowdfunding for dam removal • Our 5 damremoval project leaders from 3 European countries will update you on their dam that will be removed. • We are starting our next project for rivers and fish together (we will release 15.000 sturgeons in June 2020 in the Danube if we succeed the funding before June 2020) -news about the sturgeons now available too  
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