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Our goal is to open up as many rivers in Europe as we can! Thousands of old dams are blocking European rivers and damaging the homes of important animals like sturgeon, salmon, trout, otter, and stork. These dams are out of use but still prevent rivers from flowing. With your help, we can make a difference by removing old and obsolete dams. 

We are looking for river enthusiasts who want to donate for this cause and also people that would like start their own campaign. Currently, we are targeting three dams which will be removed as soon as we raise sufficient funding. 

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We are going to work on ten dams in the Ukraine. They are located in the rivers Kagach and Kagilnyk, which are part of a wetland in the Danube Delta. A total of 28,000 euros is needed to remove these Danube Delta Dams. If we collect half of this (14,000 euros) through crowdfunding, Rewilding Europe will finance the other half together with local parties. Dam Removal Europe movement is working to restore our European rivers by removing dams and hence make important steps towards ecologically healthy, economically profitable and socially valuable rivers. Natural rivers provide better opportunities for fisheries, flood protection, drinking water, recreation and nature. The main focus is on the removal of old, obsolete dams to ‘free’ our European rivers again. Dam Removal movement was started by WWF Netherlands together with the World Fish Migration Foundation, Rewilding Europe, the European Rivers Network and the Rivers Trust. In cooperation with Rewilding Europe and its local partner Rewilding Ukraine, we are going to work on ten dams in the Ukraine. They are located in the rivers Kagach and Kagilnyk, which are part of a wetland in the Danube Delta. Help us turn the tide! It would allow European rivers to flow freely again and all that beautiful nature will get the space she needs. With only 20 euros you can help us! Where are the dams? Check the map.
Removal Danube Delta Dams, Ukraine

We gaan de 10! dammen in de Donau verwijderen !

19-03-2019 | 16:00 Yoehoe! We hebben inmiddels 19.773 euro met 365 funders bij elkaar. We gaan dus de 10! dammen in de Donau verwijderen. Check de speciale  bedanvideo van Mykhailo (Misha) Nesterenko, teamleider Oekraïne bij Rewilding Europe  In april gaan we de rewards versturen.  Alles wat we meer ophalen, besteden we aan de volgende damverwijdering in Europa. Dat wordt een dam in Litouwen.  Verder kregen we nog een bericht van Misha: Rwilding Danube Delta Good news! We raised  EUR 19,773 for removal of dams on the river Kagilnik in the Danube Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine. This will lead to restoration of river ecosystems, return of valuable waterfowl, otters, increase of quantity and diversity of fish. Funds for the Ukrainian project were collected in the Netherlands through a crowdfunding effort within the framework of the European Dam Removal Initiative (A joint initiative of WWF, Rewiliding Europe, World Fish Migration Foundation, The Rivers Trus and ERN France. A great thanks to all the 365 donors who supported the project! Removal of the dams will start at the end of summer, when the water level in the river will be the lowest and the breeding season is over. Lees meer op  Facebook Dam Removal Europe Tot slot een uitnodiging voor een speciale filmavond. We vieren de Nederlandse première van de documentaire "Love Flows" (zie trailer  hieronder) op 23 april a.s. in het Groninger Forum. De film is geselecteerd door en vertoond op het DC Environmental Film Festival in Washington.  Love Flows is tot stand gekomen naar aanleiding van de Wereld Vismigratiedag die om de twee jaar wordt georganiseerd door inmiddels 3000 organisaties.  Meer info en registratie   Bart Geenen Hoofd zoetwater programma WWF en Damverwijderaar Posted on: WNF
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