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Why is it so important to remove dams and set rivers free?

Because Europe’s rivers are agonizing, choked by more than a million dams and, whether big or small, they always cause damages. They alter everything, from the natural flow of water and fish to the cultural identity and  heritage of the surrounding communities. 

And the most relevant fact is that most of the existing obstacles have no use today! So, what if we remove them together? 

Let’s unlock rivers! Visit our web to know more: 

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Dam in Brazuole has been removed!

06-08-2020 | 11:14


The first dam in Lithuania has been removed! Bražuolė is going through many changes daily, and soon she will figure out her favourite way to flow.

The whole project was an excellent adventure but sometimes required really difficult decisions. Inevitably, I made mistakes and learned big lessons. The removal of this little dam was a huge step towards shattering the taboo over dam removals in Lithuania. Hopefully, these lessons will guide future removals.   We hosted an event for experts so they can learn more about the dam removal and our experience. It was amazing to see how much positive energy can dam removal bring to people, they were taking the remains of the dam as souvenirs.   I would like to thank WWF and Dam Removal Europe and my team who helped me throughout the whole process - Lithuanian Fund for Nature, neris regional park team, Lithuanian Nature research centre, and the companies - "Inzinerinis projektavimas" and DA Kontaktas". I am very grateful to the Bicycle team and all the donors who helped to crowdfund the money for this project. This wouldn't have happened without you. You are a part of this historic moment. Thank you!    Karolina Gurjazkaitė    
Posted on: Brazuole-dam in Lithuania
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